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I’m Jeffrey Johnson Jr., the writer, creator, and letterer of Ennead: The Rule of Nine. When I’m writing I like to think of myself as J.L. "Writer of Comics, Creator of Graphic Novels. Second of his name." I may have read A Song of Ice and Fire way too many times... When I’m not writing you can find me spending time with my wife Jess, daughter Olive, Lab Mix Ruthie, and my cats Quinn and Sansa.

Note: Most short stories on the platform have been edited by Christa Harader.
They provide script edits and a much needed second set of eyes. Christa has a B.A. in English Literature and a MFA in Creative Writing.
Their bylines include PanelxPanelMultiversity Comics, Comic Book Yeti, Comfort Food Comics, The Valkyries and Outright Geekery. They blog about horror films, comics and pulp lit in their spare time.

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JL Johnson Jr.

Writer of Comics, Creator of Graphic Novels. Second of his name. Author, Creator, and Letterer of Ennead: The Rule of Nine.